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Near the beginning of the Iron Age, about 800 BC, people in Central Asia began to ride horses more instead of just having them pull wagons. Once some people were riding horses, everybody wanted to do it. 

On horseback, you could go much faster than anybody had ever gone before.  

The Master Classical Horsemen produced horses to carry warriors into battle, and in the academic period, produced the horses of Kings.

Horses have captured the hearts and minds of man for centuries.

From the famous schools of Haute Ecole,  the Equestrian theme parks of Dubai, the international acclaimed War Horse production and film and not to mention that quite famous bank advert, we are always only a moment away from experiencing Horse Power.

So what is this Horse Power? Well it seems to mean many things for many different reasons to many different people.  However diverse the attraction, I don’t think we shall see Ferrari re branding any time soon.

Whether you are an existing customer, or a new customer daring to inject something fresh into your work, we are sure to be able to introduce you to an equestrian artist to get your portfolio, ad campaign or performances pulse racing.

From very creative multi media projects using paints, dancers and aerial artists, through to more commercial work with cameras, cars and jewellery,  Our Equine Artists are ready for you.

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